​The Dragon at the End of Forever



Vlad Tepes,


He has arisen again

In a time of war, when all humanity is threatened by the darkest of sorcery, the last dragon arises and walks the earth, shaped as a man.

Kelven's Riddle   Born a slave but descended from ancient, forgotten kings, he breaks his chains and escapes into the wilderness, seeking freedom.  Instead, he finds a sword of power and a destiny.

​Doomtalon: The Legend of Ayrfel

The enmity between ancient immortal wizards has engendered war across the face of the earth. One man will try to end it.

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​Other books by Daniel T Hylton

​Kelven's Riddle

Set out on an epic quest with Daniel T Hylton's 5-volume fantasy series, Kelven's Riddle.

Daniel T Hylton is a writer of fantasy, adventure, suspense, and science fiction.   Mr. Hylton lives in Texas with his wife.   He also shares his time with a black labrador retriever named Reuben,   a squirrel named Dickens, and a turtle named Merlin.

​The story of Davreth the dragon is now complete.

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What will a man do for the love of a woman?  Anything.

 What will a man give for the love of a woman?  Everything.


 Reviews for Daniel Hylton's epic heroic fantasy series, Kelven's Riddle

 "Amazing!"   "Five stars!  Amazing - there's nothing more to say!"   "Excellent series!"   "If only it didn't have to end!"   "Prepare to lose sleep....."   "One of the best series ever."   "A truly great story!"   "Outstanding!"      "Amazing story!"   "Five stars is not enough."   ".....the books in this series are some of the best I have ever read."    "Great series - amazing!"